Valley Tan

by Swain

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Recorded, Produced and Mastered in the Basement. For EGS Productions


released June 27, 2016

All Songs Produced By Swain



all rights reserved


Swain Utah

Beats and Rhymes
Bringing That Funk
King of the Chop

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Track Name: Hot Tonight
Verse 1
Rock the microphone daily
-Yeah- Eric G, may we go chill for a little bit
-Yeah- You know I'm good when the beat sit
Holla at me -Yo-
You should be the talk of the night
Choose me it's whatever you like
Take it easy on my past habits
The way she move, makes me gotta have it
Jamming up next to you like it's bad traffic
She hold me, slowly, feels like magic
My pulse heavy
We both sweaty
The way she move in the night got me so ready
I've been the real boss of the flow
Well seasoned pro like D. Mutombo
So, I know that she wanna try
Let yourself go and let your love fly

I'm feeling hot tonight
Gunna make it rock tonight
Your my choice tonight
You and me baby let's make it right (2x)

Verse 2
-Yo- Got to flow with skill
Good choice if you keep it real
Like Gang Starr I got the Mass Appeal
Use my words to heal
Never raise steal
Never make you feel like you wanna write songs like Adele
Like that, I might bail
Give me my portion. Your my show and tell
Take care of my fortune. Protect her well
-Yo- Choose me or 5 minutes might lose me
Acting booshie, turn your head like "Who is she?"
A new one but she the top choice
I'm having too fun, Rocking to Rose Royce
Hop in the Rolls Royce. I'm feeling too fly
I got a Ford Choice. She got me too high
The way she sways makes me amazed
Her hypnotic ways
She deserves praise

Repeat Chorus (2x)

Verse 3
Let me see you drop it down low
Break it down slow
Pro that's fa sho
I know you the top of the line
She love my mellow tone and my laid back rhyme
Feeling so sublime
Take it to Jamrock she got me with the dutty wine
Let's take the time
So I can ease your mind
How'd I luck out? She's too damn fine
-Yo- She bring me peace of mind
Get back. Let me get a piece of mine
She keep me so motivated
She brought me U.T. now my life elevated
You can tell by my gal i made it -Uh-
Original is what we created -Yeah-
Nobody taking that from me
Living my fantasy she's part of my dream

Repeat Chorus (2x)
Track Name: The Life And Grind
Verse 1
Said I'm up too early. It's time to get dressed
Woke up late, my day, already filled up with stress
In the mean time still thinking about performing art
Oh wait, run around, can't find the keys to my car
I gotta go
Smack my babe with a kiss, I'm on the road
I'm cruising and rushing
My mind's playing back percussion
The 9 to 5 taking my time, I'm trying to get live
But I can't be broke. I gotta get mine
And support for the fam. Hot damn
While all day I'm thinking of these master plans
I got my earbuds bumping Pete Rock
Can't wait til I get home and find my own samples to chop
Take my lunch break. Go home. 30 minutes of joy
Never eat. Using that time to play with my toys
Cause I got first class dreams with a coach seat living
Never complain. Working hard with the cards I was given

It's like this ya'll (This ya'll)
Like that (Like that)
It's like that ya'll (That ya'll)
Like this (Like this)
Get it while you can
It takes a lot to be that man
I gotta follow through and focus on my plans (2x)

Verse 2
I end my shift. Peace out. I'm out the door. I'm on my way
Gotta get out of sight before they ask me to stay
I get home just to chill. I got some tunes I wanna play
But my girl still pissed about what happened the other day
Now we both heated
This is not what I needed
We killed the vibe
Said I gotta go outside
And take a damn ride
Man, this life gets so demandin'
So I hop in the whip and take a little cruise up the canyon
Slow it down. Bump the sounds of Thelonious Monk
Take in the sights then I remember that we only live once
I'm such a chump
Had to man up. Roll back and apologize
Now her and I are back to living our lives
In unity. We all mess up, that's just how humans be
Had the chance to make it better. Took my opportunity
Now we better than ever
Our love will last forever
That's on every bar, beat and every measure

Repeat Chorus (2x)

Verse 3
Another day. Nothing new
Just trying to stay on my groove
Not enough time is the day to do what I wanna do
Trying to keep my strength up. Eat my veggies and fruit
Cause I need that clean energy to keep pushing through
1, 2, 1, 2, Check it. Come and see how I do
Sometimes I forget about plans because I'm thinking about my tunes
I get zoned out
Microphone pro now
Thinking about words, adjective, verbs and pro-nouns
Still wanna be a good husband, son, brother, uncle
So many family functions I wanna go to
While trying to juggle that time between the beats and the rhymes
This is life
I'm on a Quest to be like the Tribe
I'm that nice
The sacrifice. I'm ready to succeed
The support from my family is really all I need
So I got with my gut and follow through with heart
I'm thinking with my mind
Now I'm ready to start

Repeat Chorus (2x)
Track Name: Feel So Good
Verse 1
I want to tell the world how I feel about 'cha
The music flows through the soul. I feel the rapture
I get it on when I'm making a song
I feel at peace
I wanna flood the streets
With incredible beats
I see them popping on the net. Are they better than me?
I don't think so
They just haven't discovered the flow
So I give 'em some more
Til I'm reaching the top
The best rapper alive and the king of the chop
It's all a mindset. I don't give a what what what you think
Not a curse. This is one for the youngin's to sing
That's how you evolve the mind and expand the grands
I'll be banging the pads with the mic in my hands
I'm rocking for Impressions like Curtis Mayfield
The way I'm Moving On Up your wack rap is revealed
So I keep my hands and my eyes in the sky
Music feels so good with the love it provides

Verse 2
The passion in the way that I'm smashing the mic
I'm one of a kind
Unique in my vibe
I feel so alive
You ain't taking my pride
You can choose to hate me for looking so fly
But you gotta respect the sound my music provide
I cherish the moment
I own it
See me zonin'
The king on his throne
When I rock the microphone
I got many. I got a couple styles I can loan
Hope gleams for the dope fiends
They telling me
A young G with an old soul from the 70's
I've been rocking the melodies
So just let it be
Like John Lennon said
I'm remembering memories
Music takes me all the way back when I was young
Now I'm living through the hi-hat and speak on the drum
I know you feel where it's from
Be ready. Here I come
I'm second to none
We all shall overcome

Verse 3
Makes me feel so good
Feel so free
The way it should and always be
Music is my catalyst for hope
Helps me cope with all my problems
It's the way that I solve them
If you got one
Let me show you the way
Bump it when I wake up. That's how I start my day
Now everything's okay
It's there when I need help
Now I bet on my self
Then I watch it parlay
I'm living for the moment and do what feels right
Instead of preaching death in my songs I breathe life
You Know My Steez like Guru
I don't care what you do
I got my own Discipline
That's how I win
I'm rocking like a gem so polished
The cleanest and the meanest leaving all the microphones demolished -Yeah-
The best feeling in the world
Sit back. Spin a couple records and chillin' with my girl
Track Name: Don't Leave Me
Don't leave me (You don't wanna do that)
Don't go (You don't wanna do that)
Don't leave me (You don't wanna do that)
Oh-No (You don'e wanna do that)

Verse 1
-Aye- She know how it be
Everything -Yeah- Everything chic
Anything that she want she can see
Just one thing please
Don't forget about me
She rolling with a star
She ain't worried about a big ol' car
She ain't never gon' leave
Only one for me
She's the thing that I need
Don't leave or I'll cry
Have you blowing my high
Can't you see I'm so fly
No gravity helping me
She's the gleam in my eye
She know how to boss
Always comes through when she floss
100% She's never lost
She gives it her best
And nothing less than the cost
I see her everywhere
Always looking good in what she wear
I can't help myself I just stare
The way that she got me, Girl it ain't fair

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2
Don't wanna cry all day
Wanna live life my way
On the beach next to my bae
Making sure that we both okay
She know how I'm feeling
The way that she move is so thrilling
Her touch can bring healing
The way that I rock, Raise the roof to the ceiling
So what you know
She planted the seed to help me grow
We connect at the soul
Made me a better dude than I was before
She got what I need
And I got what she want
That's why she sticking by me
Forever, we together
That's something to flaunt

Repeat Chorus

Don't leave (Don't leave)
Don't go (Don't Go)
Oh-No (Oh-No)
Just stay with me
Track Name: Shine This Bright
Verse 1
Out the gate rocking coast to coast
I do the most
Yeah, I got the skills to boast
I'm too close
Just trying to improve my gross
The new host
Out-shining all them star lights
Out to get right
The new mac on the scene
Plain shirt, blue jeans but I still stay clean
I rock with it and lean
On the verge of greatness
Ya'll should play this
Don't relate to fakeness
I make it look so easy but there's stress that you don't see
Work the 9 to 5 then to the lab. Man, I lose sleep
The feeling to make music but my baby says choose me
2 loves in my life
Learning to coincide
She's with it for the ride
So I gotta provide
Stay hooked on the vibe
When it's time to get live
Stay winning never think about losing
I get up to get down so I can keep the party moving

All I want is to live life, life
All I need is to get right, right
All they see is me get fly, fly
They don't know what it takes to shine the bright (2x)

Verse 2
Shine this bright
Get too right
Feel too fly
You know what I mean
Gotta live life
Stay on sight
Brand new vibe
Bring a whole different scene
I'm getting on with my voice in the cut
I'm a real dude never faking the front
Yeah, I see them flex I don't stress it because
I gotta do what I do. I don't think of it much -Uh-
Feel no rush
But I'm on go
This how I break it down. Bring a brand new flow
Get too crunk
Get too throwed
Raise up before the bar gets too low
Now I make it go up in here
Need more of them. Not enough in here
Everybody wants to be the one in here
Welcome to my party it's all love in here -Yeah-

Repeat Chorus (2x)

Verse 3
All my life, I just wanna ball out
All my life, I've never feared a fallout
Going for mine is what I'm all about
Stay true to myself. Follow my own route
Where they fall is they want what he has
Grind never stops. Push the pace like Diaz
Never gon' stop
It's a rush to the top
When that new Swain drop
What they think of me as?
Don't worry about he cons and pros
Just worry about what I know
Just keep the pace with my flow
I pray for the peace I wanna better the globe -Now-
They just sit behind the tint and see them suffering
What kind of government says it's nothing
Yeah, I'm working for the bread, spread it out to dozens
I want to bring Hip-Hop back to what is was

Repeat Chorus (2x)
Track Name: Funk n' Groove
Verse 1
Check it
Intellect in the message
So fresh
Til the death
How I rep this
No stress
I finesse
Leave em' breathless
Highly involved
Bring it back to the essence
-Yeah- Come and get wild with me
Never taught. I was born with this style in me
This soul rhythm puts the fire in me
The funk n' the groove is inspiring me
To speak on the beat trying to get it in
Today, no passion
All dividends
They want the fame and the fashion
Stunt for the trends
I'm more about bonding with my family and friends
Feel it from my soul then express out my chest
Let my mind go. Let the rhythm do the rest
Me playing passive at a party. Not likely
Catch me with my two-step
People get like me

Verse 2
-Uh- The brother's at it again
Flow mathematics. Automatically win
Living in a world where the habit is sin
I get on the good foot. Grind til the end
When I rock the mic, make it feel like Rakim
Shakin' em' up. Wakin' em' up. We ascend
Wicked with pen
Lethal with the wordplay
The emcee godsend
Is what the herd say
They in a slurred stat
A blurred state of mind
Ya'll boast about the drugs when I brag the rhymes
This is how it goes down when the beats shine
Born in the '89
Flow through the grapevine
Like the legend
M.G. the brethren
I try to represent for them in the heavens
So, if it ain't real homeboy, you better step
Emcee Eric G, always coming correct -What's up-

Verse 3
-Yeah- We party hardy. They hardly talk
Getting back to my Roots with the Black Thought
Never mind what they say. Brush the dust off
Hip-Hop to the top
-Yeah- It never stop
Catch me in a B-Boy stance with the mic glow
Going psycho
Write with the tight flow
Underground but I wade in the mainstream
Hit you with the funk. Bop Gun with the laser beam
Over your head like some airplane luggage
Juggle what I said, Keep the brain buggin'
They acting like the rugged
But that's all rubbish
They rhyme sluggish
I leave the microphone punished
I do what they doesn't
Expand the logic
Check 1, 2
Then I drop it
Nothing but hot spit
Flyer than a cockpit
If it's not from the heart, just stop it
Track Name: Mind Your Business
Verse 1
We live in this time of gossip
Spreading rumors. I wanna tell you it's not hip
I don't think we ever gon' stop it
Why we so worried about another man's profits
If it doesn't concern you. Keep it movin'
Not caught up in what you do. I do my own groovin'
Don't make life harder than it is to go through
Can't believe just because they told you
We gotta look deep into facts
No peace when you chat
Don't tweet til relaxed
That's how you get the heat on your back
You can't see me with that
Trying to get me to react
They wanna get my problems erased
But they don't know the deal so give me my space
Everybody trying to be a counselor
But got problems of their own that they can't account for

Verse 2
We all gotta mind our business
If it isn't your business
Don't make it your business
He rhymed the same word. Mind your business
Had to say it so many times just so they get it
These young kids always wanna be involved in it
Add their 2 sense and think that they solving it
They ask me who I'm walking with
Who I'm talking with
Please get off my shit -Man-
I got my own damn bills to pay
My own life to live. I gotta make my own way
These men so whiny today
So why would I care what his tender ass say
I'm the O.G. man live the Pendergrass way
I'm deep like the voice of the great
So they couldn't even fathom
All these thoughts that I'm havin'
So go back to your lab mad at him
Track Name: Live From The Beehive
Verse 1
I'm outside with a beautiful view
I got my girl and the love is so true
I got the world when I'm runnin' with you
There they go. Cold harass when they don't know the scoop
What you know about the things that we do?
Highly involved
Teaching the youth
That's how we evolve
Spread out the truth
Shine the rhymes in the booth
Look to the East see serenity and peace
Get out in nature. Spend some time out the streets
Take a hike. Check the view from the peak
Take a deep breath. Feel the breeze hit your cheek
Feel the power and the land come awake
In the Wasatch. This is where I create
Coming from the land with the mountain landscape
Beats coming like the fault line
Make the ground shake

Verse 2
Sometimes I just gaze in amazement
Meditate. No words. No statements
Energizing the vibe in the basement
Everyone has a dream but I chase it
Check the saint take a ride down Devil's Slide
In the depths. Choose the vibe. Only you decide
I walk up the Grand Staircase to Zion
Not even Hogle can hold the lion
See the hoodoos form the goblins
In the sand dunes. In the whip. Straight mobbin'
Petroglyphs speak to me in the sandstone
Feel the spirits then express through the microphone
Buffalo soldier all alone on the Island
Just doing my thing. Stay stylin'
I've been this way since I was born
Flyer than the peak of Pheifferhorn

Verse 3
You know that we live from the Beehive
Raps pioneer so I focus my drive
I try o be the best
I prepare for the test
Sippin' High West
While I scribble down the text
Of pure dopeness
Leaving emcees hopeless
Can't coach this
Golden Spike locomotive
I know I gotcha open
Like the holes of erosion
Take the mic that you holdin'
Then I put it in to motion
Savor the flavor. When they get a taste
Haters gunna be more salty than the Lake
Man, I can't relate
To the hate
They create
Judge me all you want I'm still gunna feel great
I don't sit and complain
I'm on my hustle
Everyone struggle
I know, life's a puzzle
A closed mouth don't get fed so guzzle
The wealth of the knowledge and feed your brain muscle
Track Name: Homemade Jam (Valley Tan)
Verse 1
Late nights
In the basement
All day long with a dream.
I gotta chase it
Pops upstairs. Man, he stomping his feet
The mic picks it up while I be recording this heat
Interruptions daily
It ain't no thing
Just gotta delete and repeat all my verses
To make hot shit, Man that's my purpose
Coming out of a state where they think this is worthless
-Nah- Gotta follow my heart
Nothings handed to me
Working hard from the bottom is where I start
On the microphone just expressing my art
When I hear a dope sample I break it apart
Chop it up and break it down
To a new sound
Mom's pounding on the door to turn it down
Just a couple struggles of a homemade jam
I hope they understand
It's all part of my plan

It's a homemade jam
Called Valley Tan
Understand I'm a one man band
Doing my thing to rock from land to land (2x)

Verse 2
Saved up a couple of grand for the equipment
Now I put them all to good use -Yeah- I'm gettin' it
Had to each myself and read all the manuals
Some come natural
Others took some time to handle
I keep my M.P. lit like a candle
Lyrics stay through the grapevine like a gossip's scandal
The vinyl keeps adding up
Stay digging in the crates
I can never have enough
Loop digga like I'm Madlib
Who's bigga? Don't matter when you have this
Passion that I got man I stay cool
Memories coming back when I'm spinning all the old school
Folks reminisce how they did back then
I showed them how I do it now they respect my craftin'
It's all love when I'm doing it
They said believe in yourself and nobody can ruin it

Repeat Chorus (2x)

Verse 3
I try to take it back to the essence
Every time I finesse it
Spreading my message
This that home cookin'
Soul food made in the kitchen
Collard greens on the side with some chitlns
I dish it out too hot
I make my own beats. I'm rappin' now but really who's not
Started off on my lap top
Now I got upgrade
Now when I press play
Everything sounds great
I'm really underground where the temperature stays cold
Hot with my sound like it's wearing a mink coat
Got miles of wire layin' all on the floor
And I don't really know where half of them go
I'm trying to make something new
In my makeshift booth
Play my tunes for my crew
And I think that's cool
Ain't nothin' to it
But I gotta do it
Music man Swain who knew it?

Repeat Chorus (4x)
Track Name: Thank You
Verse 1
First off, I wanna thank you for my life
And thank you for my soon to wife
Thanks for my health
And knowledge of myself
And understand how to get by on my wealth
Thanks for my vision
My ears so I can listen
Thanks for the books. I'm acquiring wisdom
Thanks for my soul tracks
And my dope raps
Thanks to the other emcees for being wack
Thanks for the chance on Earth to be great
Thanks for every meal I got food on my plate
Thanks for my courage. My confidence and grind
Thanks for the ones before who influenced my rhyme
Thanks to everyone who supports my shine
Thanks for all the people. Let's all be kind
Thanks for the music, man It don't stop
Thanks for the Blues, Jazz, Soul and Hip-Hop

Verse 2
Thanks for my MPC and all my CDs
Tapes, my records and MP3s
Thanks for everything that i need
To make these dope beats come out with ease
Thanks for my microphone in my home
And how to chop it or strip it down to the bone
Thanks for my rhythm
I got within him
This is what i give 'em
I know it's my mission
Thanks for the hi-hat, kick and the snare
Thanks for knowing the deal and being aware
Thanks for the good vibes flying in the air
And thanks for the opportunity to share
Thanks for the chance in life to be realer
Thanks for M.J. for making that Thiller
Thanks for Tupac. Let's find the killer
Thanks for Guru and thanks for J Dilla

Verse 3
Thank you for the chance to be heard
Thanks for being hip and knowing what's the word
Thanks for the trees, leaves and the herbs
Thanks for natural medicine to calm my nerves
Thanks for know how to laugh at myself
And bring it back down before I raise some hell
Thanks for knowing how to let go and not dwell
Thanks for thought of a heaven and a hell
Thanks for the relationships I can build on
My girl, my family and friends. I want to make it strong
I pray for good health so we can live long
Thanks for listening even when I live wrong
Thanks for my dog, Maceo
I'm thankful for a lot. Had to share it in a flow
I can go on and on how I'm blessed
Thanks for this music easing my stress