Don't Leave Me

from by Swain

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Don't leave me (You don't wanna do that)
Don't go (You don't wanna do that)
Don't leave me (You don't wanna do that)
Oh-No (You don'e wanna do that)

Verse 1
-Aye- She know how it be
Everything -Yeah- Everything chic
Anything that she want she can see
Just one thing please
Don't forget about me
She rolling with a star
She ain't worried about a big ol' car
She ain't never gon' leave
Only one for me
She's the thing that I need
Don't leave or I'll cry
Have you blowing my high
Can't you see I'm so fly
No gravity helping me
She's the gleam in my eye
She know how to boss
Always comes through when she floss
100% She's never lost
She gives it her best
And nothing less than the cost
I see her everywhere
Always looking good in what she wear
I can't help myself I just stare
The way that she got me, Girl it ain't fair

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2
Don't wanna cry all day
Wanna live life my way
On the beach next to my bae
Making sure that we both okay
She know how I'm feeling
The way that she move is so thrilling
Her touch can bring healing
The way that I rock, Raise the roof to the ceiling
So what you know
She planted the seed to help me grow
We connect at the soul
Made me a better dude than I was before
She got what I need
And I got what she want
That's why she sticking by me
Forever, we together
That's something to flaunt

Repeat Chorus

Don't leave (Don't leave)
Don't go (Don't Go)
Oh-No (Oh-No)
Just stay with me


from Valley Tan, released June 27, 2016
Produced By Swain



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