Feel So Good

from by Swain

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Verse 1
I want to tell the world how I feel about 'cha
The music flows through the soul. I feel the rapture
I get it on when I'm making a song
I feel at peace
I wanna flood the streets
With incredible beats
I see them popping on the net. Are they better than me?
I don't think so
They just haven't discovered the flow
So I give 'em some more
Til I'm reaching the top
The best rapper alive and the king of the chop
It's all a mindset. I don't give a what what what you think
Not a curse. This is one for the youngin's to sing
That's how you evolve the mind and expand the grands
I'll be banging the pads with the mic in my hands
I'm rocking for Impressions like Curtis Mayfield
The way I'm Moving On Up your wack rap is revealed
So I keep my hands and my eyes in the sky
Music feels so good with the love it provides

Verse 2
The passion in the way that I'm smashing the mic
I'm one of a kind
Unique in my vibe
I feel so alive
You ain't taking my pride
You can choose to hate me for looking so fly
But you gotta respect the sound my music provide
I cherish the moment
I own it
See me zonin'
The king on his throne
When I rock the microphone
I got many. I got a couple styles I can loan
Hope gleams for the dope fiends
They telling me
A young G with an old soul from the 70's
I've been rocking the melodies
So just let it be
Like John Lennon said
I'm remembering memories
Music takes me all the way back when I was young
Now I'm living through the hi-hat and speak on the drum
I know you feel where it's from
Be ready. Here I come
I'm second to none
We all shall overcome

Verse 3
Makes me feel so good
Feel so free
The way it should and always be
Music is my catalyst for hope
Helps me cope with all my problems
It's the way that I solve them
If you got one
Let me show you the way
Bump it when I wake up. That's how I start my day
Now everything's okay
It's there when I need help
Now I bet on my self
Then I watch it parlay
I'm living for the moment and do what feels right
Instead of preaching death in my songs I breathe life
You Know My Steez like Guru
I don't care what you do
I got my own Discipline
That's how I win
I'm rocking like a gem so polished
The cleanest and the meanest leaving all the microphones demolished -Yeah-
The best feeling in the world
Sit back. Spin a couple records and chillin' with my girl


from Valley Tan, released June 27, 2016
Produced By Swain



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Swain Utah

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