Funk n' Groove

from by Swain

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Verse 1
Check it
Intellect in the message
So fresh
Til the death
How I rep this
No stress
I finesse
Leave em' breathless
Highly involved
Bring it back to the essence
-Yeah- Come and get wild with me
Never taught. I was born with this style in me
This soul rhythm puts the fire in me
The funk n' the groove is inspiring me
To speak on the beat trying to get it in
Today, no passion
All dividends
They want the fame and the fashion
Stunt for the trends
I'm more about bonding with my family and friends
Feel it from my soul then express out my chest
Let my mind go. Let the rhythm do the rest
Me playing passive at a party. Not likely
Catch me with my two-step
People get like me

Verse 2
-Uh- The brother's at it again
Flow mathematics. Automatically win
Living in a world where the habit is sin
I get on the good foot. Grind til the end
When I rock the mic, make it feel like Rakim
Shakin' em' up. Wakin' em' up. We ascend
Wicked with pen
Lethal with the wordplay
The emcee godsend
Is what the herd say
They in a slurred stat
A blurred state of mind
Ya'll boast about the drugs when I brag the rhymes
This is how it goes down when the beats shine
Born in the '89
Flow through the grapevine
Like the legend
M.G. the brethren
I try to represent for them in the heavens
So, if it ain't real homeboy, you better step
Emcee Eric G, always coming correct -What's up-

Verse 3
-Yeah- We party hardy. They hardly talk
Getting back to my Roots with the Black Thought
Never mind what they say. Brush the dust off
Hip-Hop to the top
-Yeah- It never stop
Catch me in a B-Boy stance with the mic glow
Going psycho
Write with the tight flow
Underground but I wade in the mainstream
Hit you with the funk. Bop Gun with the laser beam
Over your head like some airplane luggage
Juggle what I said, Keep the brain buggin'
They acting like the rugged
But that's all rubbish
They rhyme sluggish
I leave the microphone punished
I do what they doesn't
Expand the logic
Check 1, 2
Then I drop it
Nothing but hot spit
Flyer than a cockpit
If it's not from the heart, just stop it


from Valley Tan, released June 27, 2016
Produced By Swain



all rights reserved


Swain Utah

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