Homemade Jam (Valley Tan)

from by Swain

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Verse 1
Late nights
In the basement
All day long with a dream.
I gotta chase it
Pops upstairs. Man, he stomping his feet
The mic picks it up while I be recording this heat
Interruptions daily
It ain't no thing
Just gotta delete and repeat all my verses
To make hot shit, Man that's my purpose
Coming out of a state where they think this is worthless
-Nah- Gotta follow my heart
Nothings handed to me
Working hard from the bottom is where I start
On the microphone just expressing my art
When I hear a dope sample I break it apart
Chop it up and break it down
To a new sound
Mom's pounding on the door to turn it down
Just a couple struggles of a homemade jam
I hope they understand
It's all part of my plan

It's a homemade jam
Called Valley Tan
Understand I'm a one man band
Doing my thing to rock from land to land (2x)

Verse 2
Saved up a couple of grand for the equipment
Now I put them all to good use -Yeah- I'm gettin' it
Had to each myself and read all the manuals
Some come natural
Others took some time to handle
I keep my M.P. lit like a candle
Lyrics stay through the grapevine like a gossip's scandal
The vinyl keeps adding up
Stay digging in the crates
I can never have enough
Loop digga like I'm Madlib
Who's bigga? Don't matter when you have this
Passion that I got man I stay cool
Memories coming back when I'm spinning all the old school
Folks reminisce how they did back then
I showed them how I do it now they respect my craftin'
It's all love when I'm doing it
They said believe in yourself and nobody can ruin it

Repeat Chorus (2x)

Verse 3
I try to take it back to the essence
Every time I finesse it
Spreading my message
This that home cookin'
Soul food made in the kitchen
Collard greens on the side with some chitlns
I dish it out too hot
I make my own beats. I'm rappin' now but really who's not
Started off on my lap top
Now I got upgrade
Now when I press play
Everything sounds great
I'm really underground where the temperature stays cold
Hot with my sound like it's wearing a mink coat
Got miles of wire layin' all on the floor
And I don't really know where half of them go
I'm trying to make something new
In my makeshift booth
Play my tunes for my crew
And I think that's cool
Ain't nothin' to it
But I gotta do it
Music man Swain who knew it?

Repeat Chorus (4x)


from Valley Tan, released June 27, 2016
Produced By Swain



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