Live From The Beehive

from by Swain

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Verse 1
I'm outside with a beautiful view
I got my girl and the love is so true
I got the world when I'm runnin' with you
There they go. Cold harass when they don't know the scoop
What you know about the things that we do?
Highly involved
Teaching the youth
That's how we evolve
Spread out the truth
Shine the rhymes in the booth
Look to the East see serenity and peace
Get out in nature. Spend some time out the streets
Take a hike. Check the view from the peak
Take a deep breath. Feel the breeze hit your cheek
Feel the power and the land come awake
In the Wasatch. This is where I create
Coming from the land with the mountain landscape
Beats coming like the fault line
Make the ground shake

Verse 2
Sometimes I just gaze in amazement
Meditate. No words. No statements
Energizing the vibe in the basement
Everyone has a dream but I chase it
Check the saint take a ride down Devil's Slide
In the depths. Choose the vibe. Only you decide
I walk up the Grand Staircase to Zion
Not even Hogle can hold the lion
See the hoodoos form the goblins
In the sand dunes. In the whip. Straight mobbin'
Petroglyphs speak to me in the sandstone
Feel the spirits then express through the microphone
Buffalo soldier all alone on the Island
Just doing my thing. Stay stylin'
I've been this way since I was born
Flyer than the peak of Pheifferhorn

Verse 3
You know that we live from the Beehive
Raps pioneer so I focus my drive
I try o be the best
I prepare for the test
Sippin' High West
While I scribble down the text
Of pure dopeness
Leaving emcees hopeless
Can't coach this
Golden Spike locomotive
I know I gotcha open
Like the holes of erosion
Take the mic that you holdin'
Then I put it in to motion
Savor the flavor. When they get a taste
Haters gunna be more salty than the Lake
Man, I can't relate
To the hate
They create
Judge me all you want I'm still gunna feel great
I don't sit and complain
I'm on my hustle
Everyone struggle
I know, life's a puzzle
A closed mouth don't get fed so guzzle
The wealth of the knowledge and feed your brain muscle


from Valley Tan, released June 27, 2016
Produced By Swain



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Swain Utah

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