Mind Your Business

from by Swain

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Verse 1
We live in this time of gossip
Spreading rumors. I wanna tell you it's not hip
I don't think we ever gon' stop it
Why we so worried about another man's profits
If it doesn't concern you. Keep it movin'
Not caught up in what you do. I do my own groovin'
Don't make life harder than it is to go through
Can't believe just because they told you
We gotta look deep into facts
No peace when you chat
Don't tweet til relaxed
That's how you get the heat on your back
You can't see me with that
Trying to get me to react
They wanna get my problems erased
But they don't know the deal so give me my space
Everybody trying to be a counselor
But got problems of their own that they can't account for

Verse 2
We all gotta mind our business
If it isn't your business
Don't make it your business
He rhymed the same word. Mind your business
Had to say it so many times just so they get it
These young kids always wanna be involved in it
Add their 2 sense and think that they solving it
They ask me who I'm walking with
Who I'm talking with
Please get off my shit -Man-
I got my own damn bills to pay
My own life to live. I gotta make my own way
These men so whiny today
So why would I care what his tender ass say
I'm the O.G. man live the Pendergrass way
I'm deep like the voice of the great
So they couldn't even fathom
All these thoughts that I'm havin'
So go back to your lab mad at him


from Valley Tan, released June 27, 2016
Produced By Swain



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