Shine This Bright

from by Swain

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Verse 1
Out the gate rocking coast to coast
I do the most
Yeah, I got the skills to boast
I'm too close
Just trying to improve my gross
The new host
Out-shining all them star lights
Out to get right
The new mac on the scene
Plain shirt, blue jeans but I still stay clean
I rock with it and lean
On the verge of greatness
Ya'll should play this
Don't relate to fakeness
I make it look so easy but there's stress that you don't see
Work the 9 to 5 then to the lab. Man, I lose sleep
The feeling to make music but my baby says choose me
2 loves in my life
Learning to coincide
She's with it for the ride
So I gotta provide
Stay hooked on the vibe
When it's time to get live
Stay winning never think about losing
I get up to get down so I can keep the party moving

All I want is to live life, life
All I need is to get right, right
All they see is me get fly, fly
They don't know what it takes to shine the bright (2x)

Verse 2
Shine this bright
Get too right
Feel too fly
You know what I mean
Gotta live life
Stay on sight
Brand new vibe
Bring a whole different scene
I'm getting on with my voice in the cut
I'm a real dude never faking the front
Yeah, I see them flex I don't stress it because
I gotta do what I do. I don't think of it much -Uh-
Feel no rush
But I'm on go
This how I break it down. Bring a brand new flow
Get too crunk
Get too throwed
Raise up before the bar gets too low
Now I make it go up in here
Need more of them. Not enough in here
Everybody wants to be the one in here
Welcome to my party it's all love in here -Yeah-

Repeat Chorus (2x)

Verse 3
All my life, I just wanna ball out
All my life, I've never feared a fallout
Going for mine is what I'm all about
Stay true to myself. Follow my own route
Where they fall is they want what he has
Grind never stops. Push the pace like Diaz
Never gon' stop
It's a rush to the top
When that new Swain drop
What they think of me as?
Don't worry about he cons and pros
Just worry about what I know
Just keep the pace with my flow
I pray for the peace I wanna better the globe -Now-
They just sit behind the tint and see them suffering
What kind of government says it's nothing
Yeah, I'm working for the bread, spread it out to dozens
I want to bring Hip-Hop back to what is was

Repeat Chorus (2x)


from Valley Tan, released June 27, 2016
Produced By Swain



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