The Life And Grind

from by Swain

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Verse 1
Said I'm up too early. It's time to get dressed
Woke up late, my day, already filled up with stress
In the mean time still thinking about performing art
Oh wait, run around, can't find the keys to my car
I gotta go
Smack my babe with a kiss, I'm on the road
I'm cruising and rushing
My mind's playing back percussion
The 9 to 5 taking my time, I'm trying to get live
But I can't be broke. I gotta get mine
And support for the fam. Hot damn
While all day I'm thinking of these master plans
I got my earbuds bumping Pete Rock
Can't wait til I get home and find my own samples to chop
Take my lunch break. Go home. 30 minutes of joy
Never eat. Using that time to play with my toys
Cause I got first class dreams with a coach seat living
Never complain. Working hard with the cards I was given

It's like this ya'll (This ya'll)
Like that (Like that)
It's like that ya'll (That ya'll)
Like this (Like this)
Get it while you can
It takes a lot to be that man
I gotta follow through and focus on my plans (2x)

Verse 2
I end my shift. Peace out. I'm out the door. I'm on my way
Gotta get out of sight before they ask me to stay
I get home just to chill. I got some tunes I wanna play
But my girl still pissed about what happened the other day
Now we both heated
This is not what I needed
We killed the vibe
Said I gotta go outside
And take a damn ride
Man, this life gets so demandin'
So I hop in the whip and take a little cruise up the canyon
Slow it down. Bump the sounds of Thelonious Monk
Take in the sights then I remember that we only live once
I'm such a chump
Had to man up. Roll back and apologize
Now her and I are back to living our lives
In unity. We all mess up, that's just how humans be
Had the chance to make it better. Took my opportunity
Now we better than ever
Our love will last forever
That's on every bar, beat and every measure

Repeat Chorus (2x)

Verse 3
Another day. Nothing new
Just trying to stay on my groove
Not enough time is the day to do what I wanna do
Trying to keep my strength up. Eat my veggies and fruit
Cause I need that clean energy to keep pushing through
1, 2, 1, 2, Check it. Come and see how I do
Sometimes I forget about plans because I'm thinking about my tunes
I get zoned out
Microphone pro now
Thinking about words, adjective, verbs and pro-nouns
Still wanna be a good husband, son, brother, uncle
So many family functions I wanna go to
While trying to juggle that time between the beats and the rhymes
This is life
I'm on a Quest to be like the Tribe
I'm that nice
The sacrifice. I'm ready to succeed
The support from my family is really all I need
So I got with my gut and follow through with heart
I'm thinking with my mind
Now I'm ready to start

Repeat Chorus (2x)


from Valley Tan, released June 27, 2016
Produced By Swain



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Swain Utah

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